Start being consistently visible as an employer
Attract and retain the right talent much easier
Save time and costs on recruitment and retention
Focus on 'the right fit'
Every company is unique - and every candidate has their own wishes and preferences when it comes to a new job or employer. We believe that employers and candidates are ultimately looking for the same thing: the right fit. We’re here to help them find it.
Sustainable match

We help employers and candidates build sustainable employment relationships with each other by matching based on characteristics that influence person-organizational fit and then providing an inside look into the company's culture, workplace and values.

Save time and money

Our audience of next-gen talent is self-conscious and engaged. Matching based on characteristics relevant to them makes it easier for employers to attract and retain the most suitable candidates, saving them time and money on recruitment while building their employer brands and talent pools.

better talent

Better brand, better talent.

Highly skilled workers are always in high demand, and short supply. And because of this, they have plenty of options to choose from. To start recruiting only once you have a vacancy is therefore risky and expensive.
In today's tight job market, job board applicants have to search through a myriad of standard job openings from employers they don't know (well).
15 years of career counseling in universities has taught us that job seekers are primarily interested in finding the best suitable employer rather than just a suitable job. Their ultimate goal is to find the right work environment where they can be happy and successful.
Employer Branding Media was founded to help employers build their brands using tools that match on person-organization fit and sharing high-quality content such as branded employer profiles, employee stories, diversity hiring and benefits.
This way they can show their specific target audience what makes them a great place to work, attracting and retaining more and better talent.
How we do what we do.
Collect key employer data
We use data-driven technology to match job seekers with your company and opportunities. Together we collect all relevant data for attracting the best candidates. From specific jobtypes, relevant studies to benefits and values.
Create your employer profile
With the collected data, we create a distinctive employer profile that gives both active and passive candidates an authentic look at company culture, workplace, career paths and values through the stories of their employees.
Share your unique story
Once we’ve captured your employer story, we help you share it everywhere. Personal, as your ambassador at career events during career interviews and workshops, and online through our specialized channels and social media.
Hire qualified candidates
With your unique story consistently being showcased in front of qualified talent that matches your company, you will attract, hire, and retain the right people for your team so you can be successful, grow and beat your competition.


Attract more top talent through independent career services and on-campus ambassadorship.

Attracting top talent is not that easy. While top talent is so crucial for the future of your organization. To attract more top talent you need to reach your target audience and become top-of-mind.
Successful employer branding starts with the new generation of workers; students and graduates. After all, they can still be reached collectively at their schools and universities before they enter the labor market.
For 15 years we have been visiting career events at all (Dutch) universities where we help employers to become more visible to their target groups. Through career advice services, we help you as your ambassador to build your brand, so that you can attract more and better talent for your teams.
De Carrièrebus services
Data-driven technology


Sustainable matching through data-driven technology.

Job seekers today act like consumers, researching employers before applying the way shoppers study pages of product features. It's time to use the search tools that really help job seekers find what they're looking for.
Through targeted niche propositions, extensive filtering options and data-rich employer profiles, we help candidates match with the right employers, so that they will be happy and successful at work and you, as an employer, can attract and retain the most qualified talent.


Increase your employer brand awareness with authentic content.

A job seeker's decision to join and stay with your company is largely driven by emotion. They want to know what it is like to work for your company.
Employers that share authentic content on their people, places, jobs & culture are more likely to attract candidates that thrive. Our platform is designed to let you do exactly this.
Coca-Cola European Partners company profile
Employee Stories


Attract high-quality candidates through your best ambassadors - your employees.

We believe that your employees are your biggest asset, and their insights provide an authentic look into the opportunities that your company has to offer.
Employee stories are more credible than corporate stories. Job seekers are more easily inspired by the stories of their future colleagues about how they experience their work and your company's culture.
At, they can discover stories from your employees, get excited about your culture and opportunities, and connect with your company.
Content options.

Employer pofiles

With engaging and scannable text, your data-rich profile showcases your people, opportunities and benefits. It gives candidates insights they need to apply.

Job posts

You don't want to merge your vacancies into long lists of non-distinctive job postings. Our job presentations are visually compelling and tied to your branded content.

Employee stories

Employee stories are far more credible than corporate stories. So let your own employees tell your target group why your company is an excellent place to build a career.

Employer events

We collect and promote your events to ensure that your target groups know when and how to personally meet your company representatives.

Our channels.
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Target audience:
Students & young professionals < 3 years work experience.
Media type:
Offline & online.
Focus area:
The Netherlands.
Ambassadorship, campus promotions & recruitment on career events and universities through personal career services and online (job)branding platforms.
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Target audience:
Students & young professionals < 3 years work experience.
Media type:
Focus area:
Matchingtool for students & grads to find the best suitable employers based on person-organization fit so that your company will attract & retain the right talent much easier.
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Target audience:
All employees; from student to senior management.
Media type:
Focus area:
Storytelling platform where job seekers can be inspired by authentic stories from your own employees so that your company is discovered by suitable and motivated candidates.
What we don't have.

No fake job listings

We don’t post fake & duplicate jobs that only serve to fish for applicants. This wastes the time of applicants & diverts them away from best-fitting careers.

No banners & pop-ups

We don’t show banners, pop-ups & external ads which clutter sites with irrelevant messages & divert applicant focus from our content.

No low quality content

We don’t allow low quality content. To this end, we edit all content ourselves. You deserve to be showcased on websites with only the best, up-to-date content.

No cv-database

We only link directly to official employer sites so applicants apply directly with employers. We do not collect resumes or information from applicants.

Surround yourself with the best.