Start being consistently visible as an employer
Attract and retain the right talent much easier
Save time and costs on recruitment and retention
Focus on 'the right fit'
Each company and candidate is unique, with individual desires and preferences for a new job or employer. We believe that employers and candidates are ultimately looking for the same thing: the right fit. We’re here to help them find it.
Sustainable match

We aim to forge lasting employment connections by carefully matching characteristics that shape person-organizational compatibility and providing valuable insights into company culture, workplace, and values.

Save time and money

Our audience is self-aware and engaged next-gen talent. By matching resonant characteristics, we help employers attract and retain ideal candidates, cutting recruitment costs and enhancing their employer brands and talent pools.

better talent

Better brand, better talent.

Highly skilled workers are consistently in high demand but often in short supply, providing them with numerous options to choose from. Consequently, relying solely on recruiting when a vacancy arises is both risky and expensive.
In today's competitive job market, job board applicants must sift through countless generic job openings from unfamiliar employers. Having worked in career counseling at universities for 15 years, we have observed that job seekers are primarily focused on finding the most suitable employer, rather than simply any suitable job. Their ultimate objective is to discover a work environment that aligns with their values and enables their happiness and success.
Employer Branding Media was established to assist employers in developing their brands through the use of tools that prioritize the person-organization fit and share high-quality content, including branded employer profiles, employee stories, diversity hiring initiatives, and benefits. By showcasing what sets them apart as exceptional workplaces, employers can attract and retain more high-caliber talent from their specific target audience.
How we do what we do.
Collect key employer data
We use data-driven technology to match job seekers with your company and opportunities. Together we collect all relevant data for attracting the best candidates. From specific jobtypes, relevant studies to benefits and values.
Create your employer profile
With the collected data, we create a distinctive employer profile that gives both active and passive candidates an authentic look at company culture, workplace, career paths and values through the stories of their employees.
Share your unique story
Once we’ve captured your employer story, we help you share it everywhere. Personal, as your ambassador at career events during career interviews and workshops, and online through our specialized channels and social media.
Hire qualified candidates
With your unique story consistently being showcased in front of qualified talent that matches your company, you will attract, hire, and retain the right people for your team so you can be successful, grow and beat your competition.


Attract more top talent through independent career services and on-campus ambassadorship.

Attracting top talent is a challenge, yet essential for the future success of your organization. To effectively attract top talent, it's important to target your desired audience and establish a strong presence in their minds.
A key starting point for successful employer branding is engaging with the new generation of workers, including students and graduates. By reaching out to them during their academic journey, you have the opportunity to connect with them before they enter the job market.
For over 15 years, we have actively participated in career events at various universities across the Netherlands. Our aim is to help employers enhance their visibility among their target audience. Through our career advice services, we act as your brand ambassador, assisting you in building a strong brand that attracts top talent to join your team.
De Carrièrebus services
Data-driven technology


Sustainable matching through data-driven technology.

In today's job market, job seekers approach their search for employment in a manner similar to how consumers research products. They invest time and effort into studying employer information, just as shoppers examine product features. It is crucial for employers to leverage search tools that truly assist job seekers in finding their ideal opportunities.
At Employer Branding Media, we provide effective solutions to facilitate this process. Our platform offers targeted niche propositions, extensive filtering options, and data-rich employer profiles. By utilizing these tools, candidates can successfully match with employers that align with their career goals, leading to job satisfaction and success. Simultaneously, as an employer, you can attract and retain the most qualified talent by showcasing your organization through our platform.


Increase your employer brand awareness with authentic content.

A job seeker's choice to join and remain with your company is heavily influenced by emotions. They seek to understand the experience of working at your organization.
Employers who openly share genuine content about their employees, work environment, job opportunities, and company culture have a greater chance of attracting candidates who excel. Our platform is specifically designed to enable you to do just that.
Coca-Cola European Partners company profile
Employee & other Career Stories


Attract high-quality candidates through your best ambassadors - your employees.

We firmly believe that your employees are your greatest asset, as their perspectives offer an authentic glimpse into the opportunities your company can provide.
Employee stories hold more credibility than corporate narratives, as job seekers are easily inspired by the firsthand experiences of their prospective colleagues, shedding light on their work and your company's culture.
At, they can explore captivating narratives from your employees, fostering enthusiasm for your culture and career prospects, while establishing a meaningful connection with your company..
Content options.

Employer pofiles

With engaging and scannable text, your data-rich profile showcases your people, opportunities and benefits. It gives candidates insights they need to apply.

Job posts

You don't want to merge your vacancies into long lists of non-distinctive job postings. Our job presentations are visually compelling and tied to your branded content.

Employee stories

Employee stories are far more credible than corporate stories. So let your own employees tell your target group why your company is an excellent place to build a career.

Employer events

We collect and promote your events to ensure that your target groups know when and how to personally meet your company representatives.

Our channels.
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Target audience:
Students & young professionals < 3 years work experience.
Media type:
Offline & online.
Focus area:
The Netherlands.
Ambassadorship, campus promotions & recruitment on career events and universities through personal career services and online (job)branding platforms.
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Target audience:
Students & young professionals < 3 years work experience.
Media type:
Focus area:
Matchingtool for students & grads to find the best suitable employers based on person-organization fit so that your company will attract & retain the right talent much easier.
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Target audience:
All employees; from student to senior management.
Media type:
Focus area:
Storytelling platform where job seekers can be inspired by authentic stories from your own employees so that your company is discovered by suitable and motivated candidates.
What we don't have.

No fake job listings

We don’t post fake & duplicate jobs that only serve to fish for applicants. This wastes the time of applicants & diverts them away from best-fitting careers.

No banners & pop-ups

We don’t show banners, pop-ups & external ads which clutter sites with irrelevant messages & divert applicant focus from our content.

No low quality content

We don’t allow low quality content. To this end, we edit all content ourselves. You deserve to be showcased on websites with only the best, up-to-date content.

No cv-database

We only link directly to official employer sites so applicants apply directly with employers. We do not collect resumes or information from applicants.

Surround yourself with the best.